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Carolina Rodríguez Vásquez
Marketing Collaborator at 5 Vegan
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How my plant-based journey started

Everything starts in 2018 when I was working for one of the big companies in the world, SAP in Dublin. The Irish food has been very attractive to me since they have delicious dishes. I was extremely happy living in Dublin and enjoying their culture. My mother came to visit me on San Patrick day, and we order food to eat cosy at our apartment that I loved.

This night my mother flew back home and we stayed at home enjoying our night together. Suddenly I started feeling sick, my skin got welts in my entire body and got much worst. In the morning, I could not even walk and I decided to stay at home. After five days of being at home, I could start walking again so I went to the office.

First time knowing about vegan lifestyle

Once I arrived to the office, everyone asked why was I not going to the office, so I explained what happen and one of my colleagues told me:

This would never had happened if you were vegan.

At that moment, I did not pay attention to her comment at all. However, my welts started getting bigger and bigger, so I immediately called the doctor to make an appointment, so I went to the clinic but the doctor did not know what was going on. So I started thinking about what I was eating to cure my welts. I was drinking milk because everyone said to me to drink milk to remove gassing from my blood. However, while the days were passing my skin was getting worst and I started having problems swallowing.

That day was the first day that I went to ask again to my colleague about veganism and plant-based diets and how being vegan has helped her. We talked for more than three hours, and to my surprise she knew a lot about the topic because she has been vegan for more than 10 years.

I wanted to know how to cure my body and that day I wanted to learn everything about food. How food impacts our brain? How food increase our hormone levels? How food increase the levels of cholesterol? etc... I did a nutrition course to learn how everything work since this was a very new world for me. I have always been a sporty woman but I did never think that what I was eating could create huge damage to my body.

When did I start my plant-based journey?

So, on 23rd of March, I took a decision and it was to start my new life on a plant-based diet. Since that day I haven't had any other issue with my body and also I have been feeling extremely good.

I lost 10 kilos, I feel more energetic than before, I do not feel heavy and I can even focus better while I am studying or working or simply making decisions.

Now, me and my partner moved to Munich, Germany and I tried two weeks ago a small piece of cheese that my mother gave me as a present, just to notice that days after I started getting kilos back and also welts on my finger.

So, I went directly to the doctor and she mentioned that I should keep my new plant-based diet since it is the best one for me and my body.

I would like to know how you became vegan or tried a plant-based diet and also if my experience inspire you to take this step. Please comment and share to increase awarenesss. I want to make people feel empowered to take the right decisions for their health and the environment.

My name is Carolina Rodriguez, Marketing Collaborator at 5vegan


autobiographyvegan journeyplant-based diet

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