5 Vegan - Website Updates

Website updates may include new pages, vegan tools, user interface and improvements for mobile and desktop versions. Also improved structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes.

Plant-Based Diet in 2023: The Future of Food


Vegan check has launched its social platform


Vegan Check Helps Finding Vegan-Friendly Products and Services Easier with Launch of Mobile App

vegancheckappvegan appvegan products

New Backer VEGCRAVER - World’s first vegan - only caterer booking platform launches in Berlin

new backervegan businessvegan companyvegan food

Seaspiracy on Netflix - New Documentary film 2021

seaspiracyvegan documentaryenvironmentocean deadzonesplasticfishing exploitation

Top books about Health, Environment, Animal Rights and Plant-based cooking

vegan booksvegan recipesplant-basedultimate vegan checklistvegan joruney

New backer - Veganzone App

new backer

We have a new volunteer collaboration

updatesvolunteermarketingvegan brands

Finally Vegan Recipes are here! High protein, low calorie recipes

vegan recipeslow caloriehigh proteinlow fatseitan

Ultimate Vegan Checklist - New!

vegan checklist

How many animals could you save being vegan?

vegan calculatoranimal livesco2grainwaterforest landvegan stats

New! 5 Vegan has it's own Blog

blogvegan checklistanimal livesvegan calculator

Vegan Stats page & New Backer!

vegan statsanimal livesnew backervegan calculator

More vegan facts added

vegan factsvegan checklistvegan statsvegan calculator

5 Vegan - Personalities - Celebrities, Influencers and Activists

vegan celebritiesvegan personalitiesvegan activistsvegan influencersvegan quotesvegan feed

5 Vegan Stickers and 5 Vegan sub categories

stickersvegan brandsvegan quotesvegan journey

5 Vegan updates! Vegan swap tool, patreon page and chef helper!

milkco2landemissionshoneyvegan swap

What have I been working on? 5 Vegan updates

xingpinterestpatreonvegan swaps

5 Vegan Saves Calculator is out!

vegan calculatoranimal liveswaterco2forestlandgrain

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