Plant-based diet helped me with eating disorder

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Jurgen peeters

How it all started

When I was a teenager I had bulimia and anorexia. I struggled with it for 5 years and overcome it. But the struggle was never really gone because of my weight. I try to ignore it for some years, but it's a constant fight. Sometimes I couldn't win the fight so it came back. At that time I was vegetarian, I also didn't eat eggs because I got really sick when I was 12 yealrs old and had to be hospitalized after eating them.

Chosing to be healthy and happy

When bulimia and anorexia came back in my life I started learning about Vegan. I was not eating much at that time so I felt healthy and did not have a lot of fat and my eating disorder disappeared because I wasn't focusing anymore on what I was eating because I knew I was eating in a healthy way. It was the happiest period of my life. Not struggling with eating disorder anymore and feeling healthy.

Years later I decided to quit my job, because I was not happy there and also I wasn't eating vegan at the moment. I quit my job because I chose to be happy again. I quit my Redbull addiction. I chose to eat vegan again and damn I missed that food. I enjoy the taste, the colors and I feel healthy again. I need to lose some fat but that's not important. My goal is to feel healthy and happy and for me that means eating vegan, it's my lifestyle now. It was the first cure for my eating disorder and I'm happy about that but it's so much more than a way of eating.

I only eat plant-based. It's too difficult for me to buy non-vegan clothes etc., so maybe that makes me non-vegan, but I still do as much as I can and save animals in the process which by the way you don't have to eat them to be healthy. People need to try veganism.

If you are dealing with eating disorder I would invite you to try to go vegan or eat a plant-based diet, it can save your life.


autobiographyeating disordervegan journeyplant-based diet

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