Animal Skin, Hair, Fur, Scales and Feathers in Clothing

Billions of animals suffer and are killed every year for accessories and clothing. Their skin is used as leather, their feathers are ripped out of their bodies, and small animals are caged for life for their fur.


Description: Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber

Source: Obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other breeds of goat

Use: Used for clothing and other textile articles


Description: The down of birds is a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers.

Source: Post mortem (after slaughter), gathering and live plucking on ducks and geese. 80% of down and feathers used globally are produced in china, 90% comes from ducks.

Use: Used in goods such as jackets, bedding (duvets), pillows and sleeping bags


Description: Feathers are epidermal growths that form a distinctive outer covering, or plumage.

Source: Geese and Ducks. Post mortem (after slaughter), gathering and live plucking

Use: Bedding, especially pillows, blankets, mattresses, and clothing

Feather Meal

Description: It is made from poultry feathers by partially grinding them under elevated heat and pressure, and then grinding and drying.

Source: Byproduct of processing poultry

Use: Used in formulated animal feed and in organic fertilizer.


Description: Fur is a thick growth of hair that covers the skin of many different animals. It is a defining characteristic of mammals

Source: Common source include fox, rabbit, mink, beaver, ermine, otter, sable, seal, coyote, chinchilla, raccoon, and possum

Use: clothing


Description: Animal skins

Source: 99% of the skins used in the production of leather derive from animals raised for meat and/or dairy production

Use: Used to make a variety of articles, including footwear, automobile seats, clothing, bags, book bindings, fashion accessories, and furniture


Description: Silk is a natural protein Fiber or fibre is a natural or man-made substance that is significantly longer than it is wide

Source: The protein fiber of silk is composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. Synthetic fibers can often be produced very cheaply and in large amounts compared to natural fibers

Use: Used for clothing such as shirts, ties, blouses, formal dresses


Description: Suede is made from the underside of the animal skin, which is softer and more pliable than the outer skin layer

Source: Primariliy from lamb, although goat, calf, and deer are commonly used

Use: Accessories, clothing or shoes

Alternative: Synthetic fabrics are often manufactured with a brushed or napped finish to resemble suede leather


Description: Animal fur

Source: Obtained from sheep and other animals, including cashmere and mohair from goats

Use: In addition to clothing, wool has been used for blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, insulation and upholstery

Alternative: Synthetic fabrics

Animal Derived Ingredients List

Animal Derived Ingredients Categories


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