5 Vegan updates! Vegan swap tool, patreon page and chef helper!

milkco2landemissionshoneyvegan swap
Eugenio Ciccale
Author of 5 Vegan

Live now!

Milk Emissions, Land Use, Water Use

Also added a chef to let you know how are this plant-based drinks made. Just put your mouse over the 👩‍🍳

The chef 👩‍🍳 is also present in the Honey section

Things i'm working on right now:

  • Still improving the animal save count calculation for the vegan saves calculator but in the meantime you can make your calculations for animal saves using the veganslayer website

  • Vegan recipes coming soon! Low calorie, low fat and high protein! Perfect for losing body fat in a calorie deficit while still maintaining your muscles 💪 this recipes are design to help you achieve your fitness goals by being on a calorie deficit while feeling full and enjoying your food.

  • Vegan brands page. Find a list of vegan brands within several categories: cosmetics, food, clothing & fashion


milkco2landemissionshoneyvegan swap

Thank you until next time! 🌱💜

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